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PolySteel Insulating Concrete Forms Benefits
Eliminates Drafts, Mold, Termites
Protects Against Hurricane Winds and Fires
Saves 50-80% on Energy Costs

The external walls are what protect your home, your family, all the things you work so hard to own and enjoy. Why not safeguard them the best way you can? PolySteel walls reduce air infiltration by 75% eliminating drafts and halting the invasion of dust and pollutants, even the smell of fertilizers from your lawn. A PolySteel home is exceptionally quiet. With only 1/2" drywall, PolySteel walls have a laboratory tested Sound Class Rating of 48+. From party walls inside, to barrier walls from traffic on the outside, PolySteel keeps the noise out and away from where you live and work. The combination of concrete encapsulated within high-density expanded polystyrene provides a superior barrier to the sounds and noises of the outside environment.

Inside out PolySteel will give you a home that will last for centuries

The outside wall construction has an inverse relationship to what goes on inside your home. Concrete walls have an express influence on mold growth and are resistant to termites, carpenter ants, and fire. Mold requires an organic material, such as wood on which to grow. PolySteel forms contain NO organic material to promote such growth. Hollow cavities can trap moisture, making traditionally constructed structures vulnerable to mold. PolySteel walls are made of solid concrete and have NO cavities in which moisture can be trapped.

Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

PolySteel provides a more uniform and stable temperature environment throughout your home. PolySteel walls exceed the insulating performance of wood framed walls built to R-40 specifications. In fact, the total effective R-Value of PolySteel walls actually exceeds R-50 in many parts of the country. This translates into savings of 50 to 80% on the costs of heating and cooling your home. The end result is that upgrading to a PolySteel home will actually save you money and provide a safer, quieter, and cleaner house. We truly believe that a well-informed consumer will always choose PolySteel!

Protection from Hurricanes and Severe Weather

Structural Strength is a very important factor when building in Eastern North Carolina with our history of hurricanes. A PolySteel home is the safest place to protect you and your loved ones from the dangers of severe weather. PolySteel wall are 2 to 4 times stronger than the maximum design wind load required by the Uniform Building Code. PolySteel walls have been independently tested to withstand flying debris driven by 250 mph winds.

Four Hour Fire Ratings

PolySteel was the first ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) to achieve a full 4-hour fire rating on its forms without any additional wall coverings to assist in its performance. PolySteel is the only manufactured ICF to incorporate Performance Guard EPS Termite-Resistant Insulation. Performance Guard is the only code-approved method for using foam plastic insulation below grade in heavily infested termite areas of the U.S. like Eastern North Carolina.

Use Any Home Design

PolySteel insulating concrete forms allow equal or greater design flexibility than wood, concrete block, tilt-up concrete, or steel frame. With PolySteel forms you can produce a radius as tight as four feet and other deign elements that will give you the freedom to create the building you want. Even if you have a home design in mind, an architect can easily revise any plans to accommodate your plans to integrate PolySteel concrete forms. All conventional interior and exterior finishes are easily applied to PolySteel walls. Drywall, plaster lath and/or paneling can be attached quickly and easily to the galvanized steel attachment studs with standard drywall screws. Stucco lath can be screwed directly into the steel attachment studs providing the secure underlayment required. Synthetic stucco systems can be applied directly to the PolySteel walls. Wood, vinyl, or aluminum siding attach directly to the attachment studs. Brick, stone, or masonry are secured to the wall with conventional ties.

PolySteel is the primary manufacturer of Insulating Concrete Forms in the Nation. Visit the PolySteel™ website for more information and home plans.

Rely on Atlantic PolySteel of North Carolina for information, sales and support for all of your PolySteel needs.